Helping Springfield find new hope, hearts and lives

through Jesus the son of God

  • Restoration Gatherings

    Our Gatherings are informal and focused more on relationships than religion. So don't worry about dressing a certain way or knowing "Christianize". Our purpose is to help people find and follow Jesus. We do this by creating environments that will foster acceptance, belonging and caring relationships.

  • Restoration worship

    During our Sunday morning gathering you will experience; good coffee, snacks, laughter, community, and Jesus focused teaching with a personal takeaway.  Our songs are passionate, energetic and tell the story of who Jesus is and why he loves us.

  • Restoration Kids

    Family is a huge deal to us at Restoration. We want to partner with parents to help lead and teach our kids about Jesus and how much he loves them. The environments that we are creating will be exciting, kid friendly and led by trained passionate leaders.