areas where you can serve others

Restoration Children’s Team

• Team Leader paid position (using Orange Strategy by Reggie Joiner)

• Age group leaders, teachers, set designers, children’s worship leader, small group leaders

Restoration Community Teams

• First impressions, Lobby Greeters, Hospitality Host, Stage Host and Hostess, Community Service Development, Welcome Center Host

Worship Team

• Band (all positions), Singers, Stage Design, Tech Team

• Lighting, Sound, and Computer Graphics, Tech team for setup and function of all tech devices.

Media Team

• Social Media Development, Community Awareness, Video Production, Web updating and development.

Middle School/ High School Impact Sports

(Orange Strategy for Middle/High School)

• Impact Sports Leader, team coaches, audio and video, game setup, food organizers, data base builder, social media guru and the voice.

Community Events and Service Projects

Several times a year we are involved in large community projects. We are always look for those who want to make a positive impact on others. If this sounds like you, come get involved!

This is a new gathering, so everything we are doing is from the ground up. If you feel that God has wired you to jump in and take the risk then join us NOW!. Can’t wait to see the team that God is going to put together! For more info contact Pastor Terry McKinney at